Sports Medicine

No matter what your sport, skill level or age, we can help. Sports medicine is a key partner in our comprehensive orthopedics program.

As part of Harrison Memorial Hospital’s commitment to providing comprehensive orthopedic care, we are proud to offer our Sports Medicine Services to both athletes and non-athletes of all ages and skill levels. Staffed by full-time athletic trainers, fitness trainers, physical therapists and occupational therapists, we combine our skill sets to provide the highest quality care to our patients. All our healthcare professionals are certified in their fields of expertise, and we are able to provide you with treatment and conditioning tailored specifically to your sport.

Who benefits from sports medicine?
Whether you’re a high school or college athlete who suffers a game injury, a sports enthusiast training for your next triathlon or a non-athlete with chronic or lower back pain, we can help.  Our program is designed to help many more than just your average quarterback. Depending upon your sports medicine needs, we’ll tailor a program, with guidance from our healthcare professionals, that will best restore your quality of life. Our Sports Medicine Program is designed for:

  •  the student athlete, no matter what his sport or skill level
  • adult athletes of all kinds suffering from an illness or injury
  • patients who are receiving post-operative care
  • those dealing with neuromuscular disease
  • all sports-related injuries and conditioning
  • patients who’ve suffered a stroke or heart attack
  • those living with lower back pain
  • patients living with chronic pain
  • patients with shoulder pain, tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow
  • patients with hand injuries

Our staff offers a wealth of experience for student and adult athletes Our staff designs exercise regimes, designates proper equipment and uses manual techniques to help our patients regain or improve physical ability. Our occupational therapists teach patients energy-saving techniques to help patients achieve independence in all areas of their lives, whether it be their daily living activities, such as doing housework, or showing them techniques to avoid reinjuring themselves while playing their favorite sport.

Our physical therapists work in partnership with our physician to establish tailored rehabilitation/exercise plans which will restore patients to their previous sports level. Our fitness trainers have a degree in Exercise Science/Sports Medicine, and not only customize workout plans to meet your needs in our Wellness Center, but also can ensure you’re taught the proper way to use all exercise equipment to avoid injury.

Our physician, Dr. James Pettey James Pettey, M.D. heads our orthopedics program, including our sports medicine staff. He is a full-time, board certified orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Pettey is also board certified in sports medicine. He received his medical degree from University of Kentucky College of Medicine and completed his orthopedic surgery residency at University of California – Davis. Dr. Pettey served as the team physician for the NCAA Division I men’s basketball team for the U.S. Air Force.

How can you use our services?
At HMH Sports Medicine, we provide expertise both on and off the playing field or court. Our athletic trainers have a dedicated training room at Harrison County High School, and they provide coverage for all HCHS sports. Should an injury or illness occur during gametime, that student athlete is evaluated on the spot and referred to our Sports Medicine Program for appropriate follow-up and care.

We also offer a Sports Medicine Walk-in Clinic each Tuesday from 8 to 9 a.m. at Harrison Memorial Hospital’s Physical Rehabilitation Department. In addition, our full-time orthopedic surgeon, James Pettey, M.D., sets aside time exclusively for sports injury patients to determine the extent of injury and possible need for surgical intervention, should a physician’s services be needed.

Following surgery, these patients are ideal candidates for the wide array of expertise offered by our Sports Medicine Program Team.

If you’re a weekend golfer or a less competitive athlete, our Sports Medicine Program is also a great choice. We can evaluate recurring pain that is keeping you from maximizing your game potential, correct it and continue to provide athletic conditioning tailored to your sport. There’s no longer a need for the golf or tennis lover to avoid playing the sport they desire due to chronic pain. We can help get you back into the swing of things.

For more information regarding the Sports Medicine Program at Harrison Memorial Hospital, please contact us at 859.235.3553.

Golf fitness program

The HMH Golf Fitness Service is evaulation and exercise program to identify and address golfers’ swing inhibiting weaknesses and improve their strength.

The program includes an evaluation that consists of a 23-point screening to determine the golfer’s range of motion, strength, flexibility, stability, posture and balance as they relate to the golf swing. When the evaluation is completed, a program will be developed to set goals for improvement of the golf swing and game. Benefits of the program are to increase core stability and mobility, develop better balance, reduce injury and joint pain and improve endurance.

Alex Caldwell, HMH Physical Therapist, is now certified in level one of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness Program.  He completed the training program in January. The program, co-founded by Dr. Greg Rose and PGA Professional Dave Phillips, was developed to help achieve golf-specific goals by combining Titleist’s custom fitting expertise with the physical attributes of the golfer’s body and swing technique. The co-founders worked with and studied the best golfers in the world to develop the proper techniques and programs.

The cost of the program is $250 for an individual or $400 if two family members join at the same time.  This will include an initial evaluation and a six-week exercise program, followed by a re-assessment.  There will not be a wellness center charge during the six-week program.

If you are interested in the Golf Fitness Program, please contact the HMH Rehabilitation Services Department at 859-235-3553.