Radiology Services

Our Radiology Department plays a critical role in the accurate imaging, reading of images and diagnosis of our patients. Staffed by two experienced radiologists board certified in their field, as well as a host of support staff specifically certified in radiologic technology, our patients are in the best hands possible.

Upgrades in technology and the recent addition of the Women’s Imaging Center over the past few years make radiology at Harrison Memorial Hospital state of the art.

In spring 2010, we added Dexascan technology to measure bone density for the detection of osteoporosis. The Dexascan also provides accurate measurement of body composition, which provides our physicians with better data to assess, monitor and treat a variety of diseases and disorders, such as obesity, eating disorders, cystic fibrosis, wasting syndrome (caused by HIV/AIDS) and chronic renal failure.

HMH also offers an Inbody analyzer machine – portable technology which measures water weight, muscle mass, body fat and more. This mobile technology also can be used out in the community during health screenings and fairs.

That same year, HMH acquired our GE 64-slice CT scanner, which is leading-edge technology for the evaluation of coronary and other arteries for blockages. This CT is used to study renal arteries and vessels of the brain, as well as legs and arms for peripheral artery disease. It is also vital in viewing coronary arteries.  With quick response, our GE 64-slice CT scanner completes a scan of the coronary arteries in about five seconds, about the time of five heartbeats. This also reduces the radiation dose to the patient. And it’s all done with superb resolution.

Our CT scanner allows us to examine the heart, check blood flow and other heart functions and to view mitral valves. This CT technology is equal to or surpasses technology found at larger hospital systems, allowing our patients to receive the same great care close to home.

HMH Women’s Imaging Center

Our Women’s Imaging Center now occupies the space of the former Emergency Department on the main floor of the hospital. Female patients benefit from a separate entrance for greater privacy, and the Center houses our ultrasound and digital mammography units. The Dexascan technology, used to detect osteoporosis, is also found here.

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