Health Career Scholarships



Harrison Memorial Hospital employees are not eligible to apply for this program, but are referred to the Tuition Assistance Program. Loans will be awarded to area students to encourage them to enter the healthcare profession and return to Harrison Memorial Hospital as licensed graduate professionals. The amount awarded will be in proportion to the amount of scholarship money available, the number of scholarship applicants, and the cost of the schooling. The Community Education Committee will administer this program. The program will pay up to 80% of the cost for books and tuition. The program only assists with the unmet financial needs of the student. The Community Education Assistance Program encourages program study at colleges that are recognized by the Southern Association of College and Schools (SACS). However, other programs may be accepted if the course of study is recognized by the appropriate licensed boards.


Students requesting financial assistance through the Education Assistance Program will obtain an Application from the hospital’s HCL Coordinator. An applicant must submit a completed application, a transcript of his/her previous grades, a letter of acceptance from a qualified school of nursing, or allied health career program and a budget for the first semester. This information will be presented to the Community Education Assistance committee prior to the beginning of the semester. Other financial assistance such as grants, loans, or scholarships should be disclosed on the application form. That amount will be deducted from the total balance of the schooling cost before the student makes a request and student will remain eligible for 80% of the remaining tuition and book balance. The Community Education Assistance Committee will meet twice a year to award loans for the fall and spring semesters respectively. References of the applicants are contacted prior to the interview. The HCL Coordinator will contact new applicants prior to the meeting to schedule individual interviews with the committee. The HCL Coordinator will meet with the President of the Auxiliary prior to the meeting to discuss available funds that can be donated. The Auxiliary will maintain an operational balance so the account remains open. Students applying for funds for the first time will be required to undergo an interview process. The applicant interview will consist of two parts. A subcommittee, consisting of the prospective manager and/or director of the candidate, H.R. Director and the HCL Coordinator, will interview the candidate prior to the scholarship meeting. The subcommittee will then make recommendations during the Community Education Assistance Committee meeting. All candidates from the first interview will be invited to a second interview with the scholarship committee. Applicants will be notified within one week after the meeting of the committee’s decision and the amount awarded. Applicants are required to sign a contract for each semester that funds are received. Applicants under the age of 18 are required to have parent/guardian signatures. Once the contract has been signed by all required parties, the applicant is given a check for the amount awarded.


At the end of each semester, students must forward copies of their grades, receipts from the past semester, and budgets for the upcoming semester to the HCL Coordinator. The student is requested to report any other financial assistance they are receiving each time they apply for funds. Loans may be used for tuition and books. Personal items and child care are not to be included in budgeted expenses. This amount should be deducted before a request is made by the student. To remain eligible for financial assistance through the Community Education Assistance Program a student must maintain a cumulative “C” average while enrolled in the healthcare program. A “C” average is defined as a cumulative 2.0 grade point average (GPA). While on community education assistance, a student may work at Harrison Memorial Hospital if a position is available. The student must contact the department manager at least two weeks prior to the desired employment date. He/She will be compensated for the time worked and will gain related experience. The student can participate in the program until the necessary credit hours are obtained.


work credits/loans are repaid through an employment commitment. Upon graduation from the program, the licensed graduate agrees to accept the first available position at Harrison Memorial Hospital on the shift where a position is available. He/She will receive a salary equivalent to that of other employees doing comparable work for their levels of training and experience. Participating in the work credit/loan program does not guarantee employment. To fulfill their employment commitment, licensed graduates will work full-time at Harrison Memorial Hospital one month for each $200 in work credits/loans received but no less than 12 months. The amount forgiven will be prorated for part-time or PRN employment. Work credits/loans repaid through work credit is subject to the same payroll taxes as normal wages. In the month in which a semester’s loan is “worked off” or forgiven, that amount will be considered taxable income and included in the W 2 Form at the end of the year. If there is no position available 6 months from completion of the program, the loan amount will be repaid at 10% of balance on first payment (interest free) then at a minimum of $100.00 per month until paid in full. If a student defaults on the loan, the student will be charged the 1 year measured prime interest rate plus 4% calculated on the date of the default.


If the student fails to complete the program or fulfill their employment commitment following graduation for any reason including voluntary and involuntary termination of employment, he/she agrees to refund to the Community Education Assistance Fund all monies expended under this agreement in a lump sum within 30 days of default. If the monies are not refunded within 30 days of default, a monthly payment schedule will be established. The first monthly payments will be no less than 10% of the beginning balance. The student will be charged the 1 year measured prime interest rate plus 4% calculated on the date of default. The student will pay all legal fees associated with the collection of outstanding balances.

Healthcare Careers Scholarship Form
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