The HMH Physician Group: Neurology offers new program

The HMH Physician Group: Neurology office is now offering a new program called BrainCheck, a neurocognitive health assessment.  Cognitive health is the ability to clearly think, learn and remember. It is important component of brain health. It also includes motor function, which is how well a person can make and control movements, emotional function and sensory function.

As people age, their cognitive abilities decline. However, when memory loss interferes with daily life there may be a reason for concern. If you notice warning signs like forgetting new information; problems communicating; getting lost; difficulty completing familiar tasks and psychological changes, then speak to your provider about the BrainCheck assessment tool.

BrainCheck is a way to assess your cognitive health in less than 15 minutes. The assessment measures and better understands your cognitive health. BrainCheck works by assessing multiple cognitive domains and the score is stored to see changes over time. The program tracks changes in your memory, attention, mental flexibility, reaction time and connecting you and your doctor to real-time, actionable information about your cognitive health. With an early detection, the provider can determine the cause of impairment and address changes.

Once you complete the assessment, Dr. Maria Pavez, HMH Neurologist will interpret the results and determine the cause of the impairment and address changes.

Dr. Pavez earned her Bachelor of Science degree and her medical degree from Cayetano Heredia University, Lima, Peru. She completed her internship in internal medicine; residency in neurology and fellowship in electromyography at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Pavez is board-certified in neurology and sleep medicine

Besides memory loss, the HMH Physician Group: Neurology office offers services for epilepsy and seizure disorders; gait difficulties; headache and migraines, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, myopathies, neurological complications of systemic cancer, Parkinson’s disease, peripheral nerve disorder, restless leg syndrome, stroke, tremor and other movement disorders.

For more information about BrainCheck, please call the HMH Physician Group; Neurology office at 859-235-3629.

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